Best Dog Foods – What Human Foods Can Be Used As Dog Treats?

Most dog owners want to feed their dogs the best foods available. It can sometimes be hard to know which dog treats are good, since there are so many different brands of dog treats on the market, and they often contain too much of ingredients that are not healthy for your dog.

An easy and healthy alternative to buying treats in your local supermarket is using human foods as dog treats, but when feeding your dog left-overs of human food it is important to know what foods are healthy and toxic for pets.

Meat is on the top of the list of human food you can give as treats for your dog. Most dogs love pieces of boiled chicken or ground beef, but make sure to remove all bones as they could be fatal. Cooked boneless fish, beef, chicken livers and other organ meats are other good options.

Dogs are a subspecies of the gray wolf and therefore thrive on a high protein diet. In other words, their bodies are not made to process vegetables. When feeding vegetables to your dog it is best to put them in a food processor before giving them to your dog. Some vegetables that are safe for pets are carrots, yams and red and green bell peppers. However, avoid feeding large quantities of rice, bread and vegetables on a daily basis. Plain nonfat yoghurt can be given in small quantities to help your dog’s digestive bacteria flora.

Rewarding your pet with natural unprocessed treats is easy. Veterinarians commonly advice that you use the commercial products they sell, but a good alternative is using human foods from your own kitchen, especially left-overs of cooked boneless meat.

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