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Hello and welcome to my animals online. We are glad you stopped by.  This site has been created because of our endless fascination with all of the creatures that we share our planet with.

Our main focus will be on those of our most cherished animal companions – our pets.

Here you will find interesting facts, useful tips and life hacks  to help with common pet issues, and helpful information on a variety of pet related topics. We will point you in the direction of other sites where you might find a multitude of practical and novelty items relating to the care and comfort of our beloved pet companions.

So please come on in and have a look around, and don’t be shy about dropping by often.

If you choose to act on any of the information you find here, or try any of the tips or hacks posted here, do so at your own risk.
While we do try to get reliable information and we do often try out the hacks and tips ourselves, please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that your results will be exactly the same as ours. We are not experts in any field relating to animal care.
Our goal is to share useful, helpful and entertaining content. The content on this site is for entertainment and informational purposes.
Always consult with a licenced, reputable vetrinarian or professional animal care specialist on matters of pet health and safety.